Restored Man

The Greek word for “power” is dunamis. The Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament with reference to Acts 1:8 defines the word dunamis as being able to produce a strong effect – power, might, strength.” And “as supernatural manifestations of power miracles, wonder, a powerful deed.”

The word dunamis is used 10 times in the Acts of the Apostles and always refers to God’s power, miracles and signs and wonders.

When the Bible uses the word dunamis, it never refers to our own strength or our own ability, but rather to His power through us. It is His power alone that delivers dunamis power through people.

Duamis Power

Hello, my name is Robert Remy, author of the Masterpiece of the Remi and founder of Remy Industries, Inc. In my book, I mention how I had intentions for creating something called Restored Man during one of my many vivid serendipitous experiences within my book. I randomly self-published my book out of nowhere (while without a home) because I was so pumped about my story! Even more fun, I found some amazing resources to share.

My idea behind Restored Man is to share my specific “dunamis” sources with others. The idea is to inspire others to find the strength to rise above their own dark seasons in life.

I decided it would be more efficient (for me and also you) to simply provide resources here in this blog post. The resources shared below are shared in the spirit of aiding in the pursuit of accessing greater personal power. The resources below are packed full of powerhouse personal development and coaching material. To some of you this may be old news, but to some of you this will be very fresh news that you can absorb, analyze and execute immediately.

For some of you, this will blow your mind so hard that you won’t even know how to put your mind back together.

I am bit fond of mind, body and soul development. I believe that your spiritual foundation must be given an opportunity to activate to access greater personal power, but in order to do that, emotional intelligence is the most critical component to success in this area. I recommend the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Spend as much time as you need here as you are literally excavating your emotional health, some of which may be uncomfortable. Consider this a foundation step.

Next, I recommend visiting the book called Boundaries, by Cloud and Townsend. If you are an adult, planning to be one or happen to want to be a better one, then this book is full of practical modern day concepts and examples on how you can turn things around for yourself. 

DailyOM is amazing. There are so many courses taught by legitimate and experienced professionals in this space. I recommend going to the Self-Improvement section of their website and choosing for yourself which training would be most applicable for you. I suggest completing at least 3 courses here before you move on to the next step. (Disclaimer: Some courses may cost around $15, or so)

Your next stop: Warriorbook and (This is a massive immersion into the personal development space). You may also need to spend a lot of time here determining which books/authors are the most helpful for you. (I suggest reading the actual Warriorbook and then reading at least 3 books from before moving onDisclaimer: has a small $7/m subscription)

Once you have completely reviewed the resources above, then it’s time to step it up another notch. Your next stop is to visit Impact Theory. Try to review as many videos as possible for as many personal revelations as possible. Impact Theory hosts some of the very top human achievers to ever walk on this planet. They share their own mind blowing experiences and wisdom.  (Recommendation: Pay close attention to Dr. Joe Dispenza on his concepts about the subconscious mind. Also check out David Goggins for some motivation)

Finally, simply visit 10x Secrets taught by Russell Brunson. View his free presentation.


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