BE THE MAN, by Garrett J. White, Book Review by the Remi Tribe

Just be the man…

We’ve all heard this before, but what the hell does this actually mean?

Does it mean achievements, what you do, your character, your perspective, your mindset, your attitude or is it a combination of all of those things?

It can be very confusing for most.

Do you become a mechanic or a firefighter? Do you deploy to a combat zone? Do you make a ton of money? Do you own a nice vehicle? Do you go to the gym? Do you do martial arts?

Shia LaBeouf in the video below touches on some of the confusion regarding “When do you become a man””

There is obviously a very strange grey area that exists for many men. A gap that they know they must leap; however, they sometimes struggle knowing where to start or where to end. Many men just need to know where the edge of the cliff starts in order to leap.

One surefire way to navigate some of this confusion for yourself is to join the Wake Up Warrior Challenge Within this challenge, you get access to the book “Be the Man” for free.

Through the process of leveling up your being, your body, your balance and your business you get to discover what you must do to take the leap into discovering the mystery of your masculinity.


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