Summary and Analysis: The Ancient Celtic (Gaul) Origins of the Remi Tribe

A tribe is a group of people that are one one way or another connected to each other, with one leader, connected to a vision. This concept of “tribe building” is intriguing as it concerns the Remi Tribe. The Remi Tribe is known to be one of the founding peoples of Rome. The Remi resided in northern Gaul (aka Galatians)

The Belgian Celt tribes were known throughout history as prideful, had internal leadership struggles and rejected all pro-Roman leadership ideals and had hot/cold relationships with the neighboring non-Gaul “berserker barbarians”

The Remi were the only tribe that eagerly wanted to ally with Caesar. The Remi had formed commerce relationships with Caesar before the war (wine). The Remi were also a dominant tribe enmeshed with a similar; yet inter-politically antagonistic tribe that was dead set on dominating the Remi to a state of asymmetric subserviency. The Remi naturally wanted away from this political imbalance they seemed to be interlocked in with the Suessiones.

The Confederacy against Caesar began allowing berserker barbarians within the confederacys ranks. To the Remi, this may have been perceived as evidence of regional deterioration. The Remi leaned very far forward with joining Caesar since Caesar was the only entity that the Remi had any kind of hopeful future relationship with outside of the increasing regional deterioration and interpersonal grief they were experiencing with the Suessiones. The Remi didn’t drop a knee as history would lead you to believe. They sought out Caesar. They proactively went to him before the so called “surrender” because the region was a mess and their politics forced them into a state of suppression and subjugation.

The Remi saw what was coming, but what were they to do? What a catch-22. Either join those who treat them like dirt and have allowed potential enemies as new allies; or, join someone who clearly already values them already (Caesar).

The Remi sought out Caesar. They went to him. This was no cliche “surrender” as some have tried to mock and/or malign. The Remi had a thriving business relationship with Caesar, the Remi weren’t about to abandon this relationship for confederate tribes who held no human value for them or the region. As a result, the Remi took a stand for themselves since their current arrangements left little incentives for the Remi to stay loyal to any sense of the confederacy. They were seemingly done with suppression and subjugation.

Disrespecting and rejecting the Remi turned out to be an arrogant; yet, fatal move for the remaining tribes. This was a bad time for confederate egos because the neighboring berserker barbarians were constantly engaging in warfare against the remaining Celt Belgian forces while some Belgians were recruiting barbarians; which was odd and unlike previous Gaul/Celtic tactics.

Gaul got messy. Confederate strategy seemed to be sloppy. Both the berserker barbarians and Caesar had forces superior to the remaining Belgian tribes… Belgian Tribe overwhelm seemed to be a very likely reality in the future. An obvious no win scenario for the Remi. The confederacies lack of coherence, regional deterioration and political domination tactics ultimately left their efforts in vain. The Remi clearly wanted away from this mess.

The berserker barbarian forces were superior in combat compared to the remaining Belgian tribes. Between the lack of strong Belgian leadership and sense of unity coupled with the imminent barbarian forces and also Caesar on the warpath; the Remi made a strategic decision to reject the strategy of the remaining Belgian Celts (the confederacy) by allying with Caesar. The Remi simply had no future in Gaul.

Why did the Remi reject the other tribes? Well not only would their be an endless internal melee between the Belgians/Barbarians, Caesar would be able to march in an conquer as everyone would remain terribly divided and extremely off balance (aka no more tribes for anyone, including the Remi). This could not have been an ideal atmosphere to be challenging an army like Caesar’s. The Remi must have seen this coming. This is why the Remi made the choices they made. They made their own independent leadership decisions that made long term strategic sense for the value they had chosen for themselves. The Remi weren’t about to succumb to the deterioration of the region and political subserviency.

The Remi literally went out of their way to march to Caesar for an alliance. That says something. This strategic leadership decision turned out to change history forever, helped provide a foundation for Rome.

The Remi were the first people to issue coins in Gallia Belgica.

Source: Lambot & Casagrande 1996, pp. 13, 16.

The Remi were present in Rome when Jesus walked this earth.

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