ClickFunnels Big 5th Birthday Surprise Announcement!


Russell Brunson just gave away the keys 🔑 to his ClickFunnels kingdom.

ClickFunnels is now choosing to focus on 2 “category king” strengths:

1. Sales funnels

2. Follow Up Funnels

Russell is allowing for funnel hackers that are active in the ClickFunnels groups and that are already helping others with ClickFunnels software to apply to help as an official ClickFunnels support assistant. This was met with much enthusiasm as ClickFunnels is a hard platform to provide support for if you are not yet already trained and familiar with ClickFunnels.

Russell also announced the upcoming event called Funnel Hacking Live (FHL) from January 29, 2020 to February 1st 2020 in Tennessee.


“While they watch Netflix and chill, you can FunnelFlix and build”

FunnelFlix?! It’s like Netflix for Entrepreneurs


FunnelFlix will be part of the new ClickFunnels Platinum Membership priced at $297/m. For this price Russell gives you access to all of prior ClickFunnels training’s, some of Tony Robbins training’s and also some of Garrett Whites material from Warrior.

Happy Birthday ClickFunnels!

Learn more about ClickFunnels and their FREE TRIAL


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