ClickFunnels Too Expensive

This is a common complaint for current and prior ClickFunnels users (when it comes to ClickFunnels).

Here’s the way that I’ve come to view the price of ClickFunnels. Most of everything you own or buy can be considered “overpriced”, especially if the products are can deliver on quality and/or results.

If you wear a brand name, could you have gotten a similar quality product from a cheaper no name brand? Totally.

If you drive a fancy car, could you have purchased another option that still got you from A to B and didn’t cost a ton to maintain? Easy.

Do you often go out to eat at fast food restaurants? Could you have saved money by cooking at home? Yes.

ClickFunnels has a rock solid brand that has separated itself from its issues, like any other company that has become successful.

If you’re just building website landing pages, then yes, ClickFunnels might be more than what you need… but, if you want to make more money, ClickFunnels is your best platform to use.

If you’re creating landing pages, testing splits, building sales funnels and/or you are leveraging the membership site features, then you cannot go wrong with the paint by the numbers system that ClickFunnels brings to its users.

Sometimes we just like to tell ourselves that a business tool is too “expensive” but we tend to gloss over all the other things we put our money into. Most tools that we pay for contribute to marketing and/or branding in some way for virtually every single thing that we buy.

And remember, forget that ClickFunnels is specifically designed to help you make more money in your own business. The platform is designed to simply simplify the sales funnel process from lead, to conversion to customer.

In addition, ClickFunnels created a very generous affiliate program. Example: If you get 4 new affiliates your monthly base fee is taken care of and you can get to use the software for “free”.

If you’re in anguish about spending the minimum $97 per month, then make it your focus to cover it with affiliate commissions so you can use the platform for free while making money at the same time selling your own products and or services.

To learn more about ClickFunnels, visit the homepage on this blog, or just visit ClickFunnels


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