How Companies Fail with Learning and Development

Never miss the curve…

“Organizations spent $359 billion globally on training in 2016″

Was it worth it?”

What was learned: Use it or lose it

As it turns out, a ton of people (75%) are forgetting what they learn if not applied after just 6 days!!!

Source: Harvard Business Review

Solution: Applied Lean Learning

“Lean learning is about:

  1. Learning the core of what you need to learn
  2. Applying it to real-world situations immediately
  3. Receiving immediate feedback and refining your understanding
  4. Repeating the cycle“

Next: Apply learning to real-world situations. Leverage guided learning. Offer micro courses.

“Give employees short, bite-sized learning opportunities, which can take the form of digestible, hour-long courses on topics of relevance to an employee’s immediate challenges or opportunities.”

Action Step: What course is the best for “real-world situations”


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Helpful and practical books.

Are there any practical books that you could order? Yes. There is a book out there, published by Russell Brunson, called Dotcom Secrets.

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