How to Become an Entrepreneur

“Charles W. Eliot, who served as President of Harvard University for a record 40 years, charted a roadmap for education in his seminal essay, The New Education. Written in 1869, it made the case for continuously updating how and what students learn, so education could evolve in step with society. That approach remains just as relevant today, 150 years later.“

“The unprecedented pace of societal change makes the need for reform more urgent. There is great pressure on higher education as the engine of progress in a knowledge-based economy.”

“Technology is transforming jobs and skills faster than organizations or people can adapt. Coursera’s Global Skills Index 2019 found that two-thirds of the world’s population is falling behind in critical skills. Research from the World Economic Forum suggests that the core skills required to perform most roles will change by 42% on average by 2022. At this level of disruption, companies are scrambling to identify and source the skills they need to stay competitive. The availability of key skills is now one of the top three business threats for CEOs globally, according to a recent PwC survey.l

Source: Harvard Business Review

Solution: Where can you learn relevant, competitive or modern skills?

One word: ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels took the small business market by storm the same way Apple flipped the cell phone market on its head.

Why did ClickFunnels take the market by storm? They created a software that can not only create webpages, but ClickFunnels allows salespeople to guide the sales process while a visitor actually visits the website.

As it turns out, using ClickFunnels to guide traffic through your site is a great way to increase revenue for ANY industry, because most industries will at some point have to address the problem of converting leads into sales. ClickFunnels sparks a quantum leap in entrepreneurial efficiency by solving several problems at once.

What problems does ClickFunnels solve? Pretty much most of the issues mentioned above by the Harvard Business Review.

Consider ClickFunnels the cornerstone of modern small business technology.

Example: Not only was ClickFunnels ranked #1 by Entrepreneur, the ClickFunnels software they created for themselves helped them rise from $0 to $100 million dollars in under 3 years without taking on any venture capital.

Bottom Line: Websites are dead. Sales funnels are the clear future

Nearly any company or school can solve their skill/technology gap by sharing the skill of sales funnel building. This skill is not only valuable and can make you money, it can enable you to live more on your terms than you may have thought was previously impossible.

How can you learn about building sales funnels?

ClickFunnels and the owner Russell Brunson created a course called the One Funnel Away Challenge for $100… which is a total STEAL!

You can learn to use ClickFunnels by learning directly from the owner himself for a very affordable price.

learn more about the One Funnel Away Challenge


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