How To 10x Your Business, No Pressure No Diamonds

Seven lessons on sales, marketing, and execution to 10X your results, straight from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, Source: Entrepreneur

Summary of the 7 key concepts mentioned in Entrepreneur:

1. Keep your sales simple.

2. It’s all about the prospect.

3. Pressure is a privilege.

4. Your biggest problem is you.

5. Money follows attention.

6. You’re probably making digital marketing mistakes.

7. Work on yourself daily.

Key Concept: Choose the Right Role Models and/or Mentors

Most people also have the wrong types of role models. Pick role models based on where you’re going and where your role models are in their current cycle.

For instance, Steve Jobs said money wasn’t important, but he was already wealthy at the time he said it. When he was starting out, his priorities were different. Choosing him as a role model when you’re starting out may not serve your goal to grow a business.

The lesson? Choose your role models wisely based on what you’re trying to attain.

Then don’t stop until you get it done.

That’s the 10X way.

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