How Bachelor Degrees Barely Matter

College has changed a bit in the last 25 years…

Colleges are facing crises of completion — only about 50% of matriculating students ever complete a degree — and employability. More than 40% of new and recent graduates are underemployed in their first job. And for those who are underemployed in their first job, two thirds are underemployed five years later, and half are underemployed a decade later.

Underemployment and pathways to careers are increasingly pressing issues as colleges and universities haven’t come close to keeping up with the digital skills demanded by employers

The World Economic Forum found that only 27% of small companies and 29% of large companies believe they have the digital talent they require. Three quarters of Business Roundtable CEOs say they can’t find workers to fill jobs in STEM-related fields. Deloitte has found that in the UK, only 25% of “digital leaders” believe that their workforce is sufficiently skilled to execute their digital strategy.

Another survey found that 80% of executives are highly concerned about a digital skills gap.

As most employers now believe that our current system of entry-level hiring is broken, the next front in the talent war will be entry-level hiring. And the primary loser in this battle is likely to be traditional colleges and universities.

Source: Harvard Business Review

How To Address The Skill Gap

As mentioned above, 80% of executives are concerned about a digital skills gap.

The obvious answer?

Learn digital skills.

Where can you specifically learn digital skills?

ClickFunnels has a course called the One Funnel Away Challenge. This course specifically teaches on how to use a sales funnel. In the course of learning sales funnels, you are coached and consulted by Russell Brunson, the CEO of ClickFunnels. They provide you with books, action plans, a Facebook group, execution plans and accountability.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is one key power move that struggling college students can take to quickly reshaped their skills to compete with differentiation in the marketplace

The cost for the One Funnel Away Challenge is only $100!


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