How to Teach Entrepreneurship

As a society, we hold stubborn (and contradictory) opinions or thoughts on entrepreneurship, like:

1. It can’t be taught

2. It can be taught, only in advanced courses/education; or

3. It can only be learned in the school of hard knocks

Learning about entrepreneurship is accessible and successfully learned by people of all ages, beginning with elementary school.

Entrepreneurship can not only be taught, it can be learned and embodied at any stage of your life. (With or without a traditional MBA) Source: Entrepreneur

Where Can You Find Quality Courses That Teach Entrepreneurship?

Solution: The One Funnel Away Challenge brought to you by ClickFunnels

A company called ClickFunnels, who was just nominated as the #1 company in the nation by Entrepreneur that grew from $0 to $100 million in 3 years, has created a course called the One Funnel Away Challenge which is created by ClickFunnels owner Russell Brunson.

One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is only $100

Here is what you get:

One Funnel Away Challenge


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