Overcoming Entrepreneur Burnout, by Robert Remy

Family, children, business: We know each category on its own can be a true challenge to overcome. What a challenge it must be to manage all three simultaneously. The truth is this: This lifestyle comes with incredible rewards; however, the personal sacrifices are real. Your soul will get stretched out. The stress, the pressure to perform, always thinking forward while solving complex or hostile problems. It can be a tad messy.

So we know times are already difficult, so what do we do next? Now we have COVID and people destroying small businesses. Go ahead and imagine adding those external issues onto the already discussed issues.

You must have a certain type of DNA within you, because if not, adapting your business during this time will be much harder than ever before.

We must manage our issues and traumas while also growing to overcome (at the same time).

We can’t let up.

The power of focus comes in very handy here. We have to lock on to these new dangers that seem to have created unnecessary barriers to pursuing happiness and then work to overcome them.

I feel also…

The pain is real.

The fails are real.

The losses are real.

How does one keep going during this time?

You have to become resilient.

Resilience is an attitude that no amount of successes or failures can ever rock your confidence, vision, purpose, mission or drive. It’s always ok to feel your burns, but you have to get back up, dust off and press ahead. You don’t have to choose to stay burnt.

If you are an entrepreneur suffering from extreme burnout or just a 9-5 guy or gal with burnout issues then my new free ebook “Entrepreneur Resiliency” will be a great resource for your to review as it can help you analyze new strategic material to help you adapt and overcome during this time.

Burnout is no joke. If gone unaddressed, you can be risking unknown amounts of money or years of your life. If you are suffering from burnout on any level then I encourage you to review my newest ebook Entrepreneur Resiliency.

Also don’t forget to visit the Remi Tribe (Sharpening Iron) group located on the main page of this blog article.


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