Disarm Narcissistic Parasites with the Grey Rock Method | People Not Puppets

Caution: This method can save YOU, but that may be it. You may not “win” what you think you want, but you’ll surely recover your soul.

Sometimes it’s your life vs. the use of your life. If that’s the case, the grey rock method is a powerhouse tactic to begin taking steps to remove the puppet strings from hell from your soul.

The timeline on effectiveness is unpredictable and could happen fast or over a length of time.

What is the Grey Rock Method?

Brief Explanation: This method is the deliberate and intentional preplanned choice to force someone to lose interest in you by becoming as interesting and thrilling as a literal grey rock.

You are essentially liberating yourself from their need to partake in their entertainment use of your soul for their need for conflict or chaos.

You are allowing yourself to be discarded in advance (since that is inevitable anyways). This tactic is a “chess not checkers” strategy. It can be painful and uneventful but it will eventually disarm and bore the narcissist in your life to hate you and want to leave, which is obviously the goal.

If you find your soul at risk from the devouring use of such people, then you must implement this tactic as soon as possible to save your life so you can free yourself to become your 100% YOU.


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