Freelancer Guide for 2022, By Nomad Freelancing

This short article will discuss the perks and benefits of freelancing, how to begin freelancing and some cautions to keep in mind as a freelancer as we roll into 2022.

The Perks and Benefits of Freelancing

Freelancing helps you achieve an attractive lifestyle that is built on the foundation of freedom and flexibility. Many have visions and dreams of having the option of traveling anywhere in the world while making what they decide to make. In many respects, this is true. If you play your cards right you can travel the world while still making steady income while conducting remote work. The only way you can achieve this lifestyle as a freelancer is to get solid on some sort of skill set. Some say just focus on one skill; however, we say focus on these three very specific skill sets so you can begin as a freelancer:

  1. Learn to write. If you can write you can always provide value. You can write copy on websites, books, blog articles, etc. This skill can get you paid and keep you paid for life.
  2. Learn to build websites. If you can learn to build a website you can then get in front of those who may want your services. As this world is becoming increasingly internet based it’s critical you learn how to step into the online world by having some sort of a web presence.
  3. Have at least one product and/or service that you can mention on your website. If you intend on placing a website in front of potential customers then at least place a product or service in front of them.

Cautions To Keep In Mind As A Freelancer

As you pave your own way as a freelancer; you’ll notice a couple trends. Many freelancers choose to place a profile on FIVERR and/or UPWORK. We caution you to stay away from these services value will naturally go down. You won’t be able to request what you are actually worth because there are hundreds if not thousands of others on these platforms that will underbid you and do what you can do for substantially cheaper. Many customers price shop on these platforms and you risk being overlooked for the cheaper guy. We feel there is no sense in wasting your time on these platforms.

Begin Your Freelancing Journey

The best way to begin as a freelancing isn’t always just diving in and piecing things together as you go. We’ve done this. Not always a good idea. Instead, we recommend you obtain critical foundational entrepreneurial training first before you attempt to tame the potentially unpredictable chaotic world of freelancing. It’s wise to learn to strengthen your self discipline muscles and pick up some key skills along the way. As we mentioned above, if you can merge your writing abilities with a website and a product you can start to dominate.

To learn how to take the plunge as a freelancer and begin pioneering, visit our homepage at Nomad Freelancing to learn how to begin your journey below. We literally direct you to what we feel is the best personal development couse and also the best the entrepreneurial course that we have experienced on the market today. We’ve taken them personally. They rock. You can see how our freelance blog is created which is a product in and of itself of years of training, articles and products.


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