American Ascension

Here we all are…

Force fed propaganda like it’s caviar

Sold out for clout and sifted like wheat

At the mercy of those who prefer to cheat

Endless jerk around games on repeat

Cuck and fleece con jobs that rip the rug from under your feet

Cover your face and silence your voice

Or forfeit what little is left of your choice

Grand identity theft is the true virus

Suppress your identity; it’s far from desirous

Denial is more than a river in Egypt

We must see beyond the script

A higher standard of living is the key

Taking self responsibility will set us free

There will be no savior. There will be no hero.

We must ascend from this ground zero

Once we awaken to this insanity

We can soar into infinity

In order for these games to end

Our knees must never again bend


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