The Roswell UFO Crash in 1947 is a Prime Example of Gaslighting

In 1947, the news published that a flying saucer had crashed in New Mexico. The Army had collected the remains and brought said remains to Wright-Patterson AFB.

Many testimonies circulated, to include deathbed testimonies and whistleblowers, have detailed that there was indeed crash remains and two bodies recovered.

Within days, the Army walked back their story. General Ramey had published a second story claiming that this incident was just a mere weather balloon.

This incident is an example of gaslighting in a sense that the original story was published then walked back into a second revised story.

One way we are able to know that the revised story published by the 509th is gaslighted is from recent analysis conducted on the document General Ramey was holding. The document he was actually holding in his hand has been inspected for analysis during the weather ballon interview. Some of the document can be read and the actual document suggests far more details than the revised story provided.


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