The Devil is in the Details

Never validate identity exploitation attempts of your names.

Refused to be used for punk ass jerk around games.

Stop allowing your identity to be used for another’s convenient narrative.

Reject this manipulative and calculated imperative.

Never apologize for those who take you out of context.

Some people just seek to see you vexed.

Do not validate those who partake in this malevolence.

The last thing these people will do is extend you kindness.

Those who partake in this evil live in glass houses.

Karma always finds them and delivers righteous roundhouses.

These fine folk bask in their hypocrisy and irony.

They confidently smile and dance in their insanity.

Never apologize to their rage and tantrums.

These people are no more than shit house bums.


One comment

  1. […] These personal attacks at Rogan do not surprise; however, these attacks are sabotaging in a sense that the actual news station of CNN itself is swimming in an unmeasured treasure trove of their own laundry list of flaws. We’ll lead by example by not discussing them here as personal attacks are not the goal with this post. It’s a wonder how CNN feels consciously comfortable attacking other’s as they struggle in their own perils. As per customary, hypocrisy and irony seem to have met insanity and it seems the results of these stale antiquated tactics are not paying off as originally intended. CNN has had seemingly minimum accountability for their own interagency issues while throwing stones at Rogan. This is slightly reflective. These personal attacks are not only juvenile. They are malevolent. The fact that their business model thrives in character assassinations ought to be a concern for all. The fact that they are comfortable conducing this specific type of business is disturbing and reflects the lows they are willing to delve to for a buck. Essentially anyone who exercises their own independent thoughts, voices or choices is a target. It’s time to see these tactics for what they are. As they say, the devil is in the details. […]


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