Russian Military Units Move Into Attack Positions at Border With Ukraine

As Americans face abysmal national debt, a pandemic that doesn’t seem to end, record high inflation, incredibly high costs of good and services and many other hemorrhaging crises that could be endlessly listed out; America is now a hair trigger away from defending a very likely invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Source: CBS

It appears that an attack may happen in about 1 week. The Biden Administration has indicated that “if this attack happens, and they’re saying it looks like Russia will attack by the end of this week, that the US will respond.”

Many Americans are legitimately perplexed at the role. Why is this American business? There are some questions that rest in the minds of many:

– Is now a good time for America to play world police?

– Do Americans feel they should be entering another conflict at this time?

– We saw what happened in Afghanistan. Can the current administration handle a 2nd military blunder?

What will happen to the rest of the world if this happens? Will other countries seize this opportunity to engage in other conflicts?

America can’t solve the problems it has as it stands now. Now seems to be a very bad time to be helping European countries with foreign conflicts. To be sending resources to other countries other than our own is certainly a strange decision.


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