Amazon Kicks Black Lives Matter Off Its Charity Platform, AmazonSmile

Amazon, a prior Black Lives Matter donor, apparently doesn’t think that Black Lives Matter matters as much as Black Lives Matter had once mattered. Amazon has officially booted Black Lives Matter off of its charity platform, AmazonSmile.

Amazon said that the progressive organization has failed to live up its standards as charity in “good standing”. BLM had come under pretty intense inquiries in recent weeks for failing to sufficiently disclose how the organization spent millions of dollars donated from individuals, groups, and corporations.

Many want to know where the unaccounted millions of dollars spent had gone. The questions have added up to a boiling point and now many are confused.

CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Styron previously told the Washington Examiner that BLM’s accounting period change was “the worst transparency issue” she’s ever seen.

Read more at the original source at the Washington Examiner


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