Trump and Hillary Rematch Appearing Likely in 2024.

Here is something on the horizon that may “one up” the last Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder III fight. Trump and Hillary round 2 seems to be a very real likelihood for 2024 according to political strategist Dick Morris predicted Sunday. Morris mentioned that a 2024 Trump vs. Hillary showdown to be “a pretty good bet.”

Hypothetically, this would certainly be an interesting event considering how both sides claim that each one needs to be investigated and/or jailed. Even more interesting is that their defenses against each other’s allegations seem to always be referenced as some sort of fake news. The mudslinging would be next level, the allegations would be sharp, the drama would be potent, and a rematch would be unlike anything ever seen before in the nation’s history.

Donald Trump is currently under a microscope for being responsible for the January 6th riot at the capitol and his business practices in New York while Hillary is facing unearthed allegations for spying on Trump prior to the 2016 election.

If this rematch occurs, then all we can do is grab popcorn and enjoy the show.


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