Trumps New York Case: A Political Witch Hunt or A Legitimate Inquiry

Frequent and reoccurring attempts to discredit, skew or otherwise exploit Donald Trump’s identity is rather old news; however, there has been an aggressive civil effort in New York to investigate his business practices. Trumps accounting firm Mazars parted ways with Trump after disclosing that Trumps financial statements should no longer be relied upon. Mazars was met with intense backlash.

The civil probe into Trumps business practices targets his valuations of assets. He is being accused of overvaluing his company assets in order to obtain loans. Trump claims that his assets are undervalued when you take into consideration of his personal brand. Current asset valuations do not include his branding. The civil probe is led by a politically charged AG and DA’s office of Manhattan. Many prior politically linked lawyers have temporarily left their private firm to work in the DA’s office while this investigation is open.

Why does the DA/AG feel that Trumps assets have been inflated? You can do the analysis yourself to see if this is warranted by reviewing the 6 properties the AG/DA is accusing Trump of lying about.

The Bottom Line: How far will Trumps branding go?


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