CCP Playing “Chinese Checkers” During Russian Invasion

China has a public relations strategy when it comes to dealing with Russia and also the United States during the invasion of Ukraine. In summary, China does not want to rock the boat with Russia or put out pro-United States content because they will eventually want Russian support when they decide to take on the Taiwan dichotomy. They intend to manipulate both Russia and also the United States at the same time with two differing content distribution strategies for each audience.

“Horizon News, a subset of Beijing News, which is owned by the Chinese Communist Party, posted ‘instructions’ on how to cover the escalating tensions to its Weibo page on Tuesday,” Business Insider reported. “In the Weibo post, Horizon News stated that any content painting Russia unfavorably would not be published. The same applied to any pro-Western framing.”

Learn more at the Daily Wire.


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