Elon Musk Defends Russell Brand from Cliche Smear Campaign

What a shocker right? Not really. Anyone who speaks out of alignment with collective hive mind propaganda protocols usually end up having to undergo a barrage of insults or labels that are specifically intended to exploit the dissenter’s identity as some sort of evil malevolent or mentally unstable entity. This isn’t new news. This is routine practice. For example, The Telegraph branded Russell as a “conspiracist,” while on the other hand, The Independent claims that Brand is an “alarmist” who has gone from “stardom to peddling YouTube conspiracy theories,” and also wondered what Brand “has to gain.”

The Telegraph further said that “Brand never clearly nails down his own views, ‘discussing’ conspiracies, so as to skirt accusations of being a conspiracist. He is helped somewhat by those who still associate him with his cheeky Noughties screen persona and former marriage to pop star Katy Perry, as well as his quest for wellness – the subject of another of his YouTube channels – and faithful practise of yoga and veganism, all of which obfuscate possible sightings of tin foil hats.”

The Independent claims that “The popularity of Brand’s videos is a testament to just how disillusioned many people are with mainstream media, and just how eager they are for open, defiant skepticism.” 

All this being said, ready, set, que the smear campaign. It’s rather mind numbing that this has become the new normal; so much so, that its not even just predictable anymore. It’s expected.

Brand came out in his own video discussing this new revelation about this recent organized smear campaign:


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