Google, Apple and Amazon Web Services Allegedly Committed on Removing Elons Twitter From App Stores For ‘Hate Speech’

Not long ago this ‘hate speech’ tactic destroyed Parler. Without the app you cannot use the software.

What’s to stop Google, Apple or Amazon Web Services from revisiting this tactic? Absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately ‘hate speech’ is mostly aimed at those who merely disagree with the overarching political narratives of powerful corporate political proxies. So if you dare think or speak for your own self you could be looking at consequences. That’s the reality we live in.

The obvious problem with enforcing ‘hate speech’ are it’s arbitrary, capricious or subjective applications; which in this case, can leave way too much room for political exploitation.

What would happen if this collusion actually worked? This is a rather large risk for Elon Musk. This is a very real threat to the platform. Does Elon have a backup plan if app stores push him out?


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