45 Communist Goals From 58 Years Ago

Communism in a nutshell: An ideology that above all else seeks to take from others while those they take from are expected to remain silent. This ideology demands a sense of Stockholm syndrome from its targets; and even worse, this ideology seeks to paint its targets as villains. Communism sees the world from a predatory perspective while operating on a one-way street paved by double standards. Communism has never worked anywhere in the world. The most deaths recorded in human history came at the hands of Communism. Yet, here in America, we have an ever-increasing number of citizens that feel that somehow embracing communist-like theories and perspectives is a good idea. The end goal is always the same. People get played, fleeced and sometimes even die all in service to creating ivory towers that eventually end up falling. The answer is to empower people, not create fleeting ivory towers. Communism is essentially national self-sabotage. The ideology seeks to disempower people by all means necessary to ensure they remain weak vessels to be preyed upon. 58 years ago, communist goals were read before congress in 1963 as a warning. This effort has been happening for nearly 6 decades.


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