The “Toxin” of Testosterone: Effects on IQ, Political Perspectives and Society

When ideology fails at demasculating men why not try convincing them their testosterone is a toxin? The results are in and they don’t seem to be very positive for low testosterone folk or the longevity of society, in general.

Testosterone also seems to have some effects on ones political perspective. Testosterone seems to cause a “red shift” in democrats. No wonder some are calling it a “toxin”. It’s toxic to certain political agendas.


Take a look at what happened to James Cameron… Yikes.

Sperm counts are plummeting and that is a terrible recipe for any society that wishes to thrive.

The ideological crusade against the “toxin” of Testosterone is clearly counterproductive at an individual level and also a national level. It’s obviously a national security threat. Once men reach the age of 30 they have shown a 1% decrease in testosterone, per each year, after 30.

Many men are often left unknowing and/or oblivious to this very real health risk. Many don’t know which direction to take or what to do to combat low testosterone.

One way to combat low testosterone is to take a testosterone booster. Testogen is packed with all of the natural ingredients to safely raise your testosterone level. If you are struggling with or concerned with your Testosterone levels then begin taking Testogen, lift heavy, eat protein and get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.


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