Twitter Files Part 6: One Big Happy Family

Clown world is much more than reality inverting left leaning ideological cults who seek ego spikes and giggles by intentionally subverting existing norms out of spite.

These maniacs thirst for power, control and “winning” above all else. They are driven by ego and vengeance. They will shamelessly and gleefully violate the constitution and the rights of Americans if the opportunity presents itself without balk or hesitation.

Clown world operates in a rules for thee, not for me paradigm while simultaneously anointing themselves with the role of judge, jury, executioner and law breaker. The absolute Gaul and nerve of clown world leftist loyalists to pretend that they can arbitrate anything or anyone is laughable at this point. The depths of clown worlds nefarious and malevolent intentions were recently revealed in the Twitter Files Part 6 disclosure.

The disclosure reveals that Twitter functioned as if they were the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell’s 1984. You heard crickets from the left while this went on and it wouldve continued to happen if Musk wouldnt have bought Twitter. Because “winning”, and subversion, and spite, and ego , and vengeance, and giggles…

Yet now, clown world leftist skyscreamers are suddenly supporters of free speech after Elons recent doxxing suspensions. Funny how that works. The standard double standards come with a very rich sense of irony and hypocrisy; which are as predictable as the sunrise. Below is the source to the actual Twitter files for you to see for yourself.


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