Twitter Files Part 8: ‘Whitelisted’ Psychological Operations aka ‘PsyOps’

Twitter allowed the US military to run information and psychological influence operations aka “PsyOps” on their platform with fake profiles for years. These accounts were mostly used for middle east (CENTCOM) operations. A question comes to mind upon this revelation. Were these psychological operations being used on the US populace? Were fake news portals, deep fake images and memes being generated to protect a certain political ideology or suppress another on the US homeland before the 2020 election?

This specific dump of Twitter files doesn’t reveal PsyOps being used against the US populace; however, one is left in wonder after reviewing the first 7 Twitter file dumps. It was clear that that Twitter had gotten into a habit of saying they were not doing naughty things when in fact they were being naughty. Perhaps we are only left to “conspiracy theories with no evidence” at this point. Are we to believe Twitter left the US populace untouched with no covert PsyOps being conducted? The answer is of course not, they would never do such a thing…


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