The Conservative and Veteran-Owned Amazon Alternative: Mammoth Nation

Amazon has done quite well as a business; so much so, that it has become a hallmark for humanity for shoppers worldwide. Their seemingly endless inventory, FBA program and same-day delivery options allows most people to order groceries, products, publish books, run a business and watch movies all from home in their PJ’s.

Amazon has SO MANY products that some shoppers feel overwhelmed with all of the choices that are available on the platform that they feel the need to view products or services on some sort of alternative platform. Some shoppers just simply want to support smaller businesses that do not have a $180 billion dollar worldwide company. Some shoppers question Amazon’s ethics and sustainability which also drives customers to search for an Amazon alternative.

Amazon has done a lot to support small business owners, such as the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program; however, many who have done FBA don’t always have the greatest feedback about that specific program. Many feel that the FBA program leaves much to be desired. Some shoppers feel inherently uncomfortable about the monopoly Amazon seems to have on the online retail space.

Whatever the reason, if you are seeking an Amazon alternative, then you should check out Mammoth Nation.

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