Researcher claims to have found the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

Hendry goes on to say she found a piece of the plane wreckage with the ‘M’ on it while surveying the area by satellite.

She claims the shape of the ‘M’ is an ‘almost perfect match’ to how it would appear on a Malaysia Airlines plane.

Hendry says: “The satellite images were empty. It was just the blackness of the sea. Then you press next, more black scans. So much black. And then finally, there’s something white.”

She also claims to have seen ‘white debris’ in the sea close to Vietnam, which is not far from where the plane disappeared from view.

She continues: “I pulled the schematics off the internet for a Boeing 777. And I was able to identify a piece as the nose cone.

“That’s when I started saying, ‘Holy crap! There’s a piece of debris. There’s the airplane’.

“And then I started seeing more pieces. Something that looked like the fuselage. Something that looked like the tail. I got goosebumps.”

Hendry still claims that her ideas were ignored by investigators and Malaysia Airlines, but is sure she had come across ‘evidence in the South China Sea’.

“The more I searched, the more debris I found,” she adds.

“I feel certain that this is where MH370 ended up, off of Vietnam.

Source: IGV

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