Democrats and FBI Attacking Whistleblowers

In 2016, the FBI and DNC entertained and facilitated malevolence and deception with a gaslit narrative that dropped the entire country of America (and it’s political system) in a metaphorical meat grinder.

What’s the irony? oh, you guessed it… They peddled the most historic piece of political “misinformation” ever peddled (Trump/Russia hoax).

Now you know why the DNC/FBI always labeled truth or conspiracy theories as “misinformation”… they have a monopoly on this word. It’s also a great way to exploit their perceived enemies’ identities for fictional narrative control, so these types of people will definitely partake in this projection, blameshifting and gaslighting. To them, exploiting identities is an easy, guaranteed win before a conversation even begins.

Only they are allowed to practice misinformation while blaming you for misinformation. So stay quiet and just go with what they think and say like a good simping sycophant.


Now, in 2023, they’re still acting as virtual fist for the DNC. Obviously, something is mechanically or practically wrong within the agency.

These entities are ideologically captured and are not apolitical. They continue to practice a 2 tiered “just us” system while they bask in hallpasses. They will continue to create problems on purpose to keep Americans down, and they show no interest in adapting to this trend or changing course.

It’s a finesse and a fleece operation. A jerk around the game. All fiction. All are designed to funnel money, power, or control to a select few.


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