One Funnel Away Challenge Review, By Robert Remy

Thanks to the One Funnel Away Challenge, I now have a newfound hope and visions for my entrepreneurial future. I recommend this to people who are looking to start up, who are looking to scale their marketing or those who are looking to transition out of an old industry and into a new one. This challenge really showed me the power of marketing.

Before entering this challenge I had no idea what would happen… but I’m glad I stuck with it. I created a blog, put my book inside of my blog, created funnels, then placed those funnels inside of my blog (go ahead and check for yourself). I am now using several mediums to drive traffic to this very blog.

Overall, the challenge is an intense 30 day challenge. You get slammed with a ton of useful content that you can apply to anything at anytime. The value gained from this challenge has been immeasurable. I have a degree in business and I obtained more real world value from this challenge than I ever did in college.

Many who have passed through this challenge equate it’s value to that of an MBA in marketing. If you are looking for some true entrepreneurial upgrades this is the challenge you must do right away.


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