What is a ClickFunnel

A “ClickFunnel” is the same as a “sales funnel”. Sales funnels are highly specific (passive or active) attempts to acquire new clients to specific audiences that are already searching for your specific service.

A sales funnel can be passive; like a blog post or a social media post in a group. A sales funnel can also be actively target audiences by paying for various advertisements.

Learn about an unbelievable company who has grown from dead zip into a 100 million dollar company in 3 years with no venture capital with sales funnels!

Wait… how is that even possible?

With. A. Sales. Funnel.

Learn about how a man named Russell Brunson went from making and selling potato guns online from Idaho to creating a mind blowing do-it-yourself sales funnel software that has flipped the worlds entrepreneurial marketplace on its head.

Ok so how does ClickFunnels work?

Think of ClickFunnels in a metaphorical sense. Clickfunnels are like legos.

Russell is like Emmet from the LEGO Movie (he sorta looks like him too).

A true master builder!

Well you can learn how to use Russell’s sales funnel “legos” by taking Russell’s course called the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Some have have compared the value of the One Funnel Away Challenge to that of an MBA. I took this class. I agree!

It’s not a cake walk. It is not easy. You will have to put in the work and consistency; especially when you feel like taping out.

I recommend this One Funnel Away Challenge to not only learn sales funnel concepts but to also strengthen your entrepreneurial knowledge base for the rest of your life.

Get in while the getting is good. Learn from 7 figure earners now!

Learn more: One Funnel Away Challenge


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