How to Overcome Fear as an Entrepreneur

Fear is crushing. It has crushed so many and the crushing doesn’t seem to stop. It just keeps getting harder and more debilitating. It’s high time to intentionally challenge fear.

We are often blind to fear since it’s a feeling. It seems so convincing; because it’s often very powerful and easy to employ.

I’ve been there. At times, I’m still there.

It’s no easy battle. In fact, it’s a lifelong battle that is not won in one single day. There is no quick victory, but there can be with daily diligent steps.

It takes daily reminders and actions to literally push against fear to be able to live outside of it’s deadly grip.

It’s gripped me plenty of times and has paralyzed me. It sucks, but what a massive mindset elevation.

Many know how to use fear to their advantage against others as if it’s a game. Some know fear can be used to create a sense of blind paralysis to have their way with you.

You can rise above this illusion. You don’t have to live in fear. You do not have to be a puppet to fear. You can go against this current.

The inability to make decisions costs three things: Money, time and opportunity.

Speed is a centerpiece on addressing the fears associated with decision making. Money is attracted to speed. So are people. Both naturally compliment each other well. But the real key is to never give up… to make priorities, then execute upon them, one step at a time.

Hacks or Hungry?

Decisive competitors are driven and often hyper-focused; so expect a odd taste in your mouth if you breeze up against one of these champions.

They may have even “modeled” what you were doing and took it to a whole new level that you didn’t even know existed. Within moments it seems, these people are then labeled as hacks, because they developed something bigger and better than you could have imagined,

Why so hungry? They realize that money follows speed.

You can’t move if you are afraid…

Become Fearless

Part of the reason some cannot make decisions is rooted fear. Most people waste time muddling in their fear and overthinking all the things that could go wrong, then spend all of their time preparing a defense instead of preparing an attack plan. These people spend far too much time seeking approval/validation from people. Opinions are given way too much power. These stuck people play everything safe, bank on a worse-case scenario, and live their entire lives frozen solid to fear. They essentially forfeit their personal power.

You should know what the greatest minds in business know. Every time you refuse to make a choice then act on it, a decision is being made for you in the form of either lost time, money or opportunity.

That product or service that you think could be massively successful? It could be… but you will NEVER know because you are more focused on fear-casting than faith-casting.

Fear is often rooted in the subconscious. Fear based living has been referred to as “Newtonian world” (Source: Dr. Joe Dispenza).

To break out of fear based Newtonian living, you must start by rising above your limiting beliefs that exist in your mind.

As an entrepreneur: Where can you learn more about overcoming limiting beliefs?

ClickFunnels owner Russell Brunson recently gave a legendary 10x presentation that covered all of the ins and outs of limiting beliefs.

Also, Russell Brunson’s 10x presentation covers “hacks” that some of the fastest swimmers are using today to fuel their hunger and drive their focus.

To learn more about 10x “secrets” and how to overcome limiting beliefs (and also become a fast swimmer) view the free 10x presentation below:


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