How to Develop an Executive Strategy as an Entrepreneur

CEO’s largely acknowledge that most cannot seem to nail down their strategy execution plans. Boardroom talk is one thing, execution is often at the mercy of others at the organizational level. Mammoth tasks require focus to aim for 2 or 3 important tasks for a certain time period. To then celebrate successful task completions once they are done are just as important. You want to avoid “shiny object syndrome”. Shiny object syndrome is when you notice that you or someone else cannot stay on one task for very long. They have to hop onto another without fully completing the original tasks they embarked on to complete in the beginning.

One thing that helps organizations stay focused is to create action statements (action plans) that are assigned to individual “owners” at the organizational level. The owners, in turn, are accountable to the CEO for measuring task progress over the length of time previously set.

Strategy vs Operations. These organizational levels can often be competitive for CEO attention; however, vying for CEO attention is not the greatest strategy execution approach, and a good CEO will know this.

A great solution to avoid CEO attention battles is to create and also separate strategic meetings from operational meetings. Some say it’s good to have a weekly operational meeting, other’s say it’s good to have at least a 1x a month strategic meeting. The agenda’s are always up to the CEO.

Strategic execution also relies on oversight. Somebody needs to impartially “measure” the tasks assigned by the CEO to the operational cell to see if any needles are moving while also removing the CEO out of being manipulated in meetings (Source, HBR).

Why is strategic execution important? One word: Competition

Good old fashioned competition is at the core of all strategic development.

If you can’t score points, sit the bench. But “how” to score is even more important than scoring. You must nail your “how”.

Going deeper: How can you become more competitive at the strategic level?

Everything substantive at the strategic level circles around skill development. Marketing plans are just as important, and to some, more important than the actual business plan, employees, CEO vs Operations, etc…

Consider your marketing plan the centerpiece of your strategic plans. You can’t have legal, finance or operations without a fully functional marketing plan in place. If you marketing plan is busted, then you cannot pay legal, finance or operations!!!

Solution: Fix your strategic marketing plan for all other subsequent strategic plans to work at optimum levels.

Your marketing plan is your most important strategic plan. It’s your treasure map! Few other plans will work until you have a solid marketing agenda

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Evolve Your Strategy


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