How Athletes and Entrepreneurs Bounce Back

We wrote earlier about the similarities between entrepreneurship and combat, now we’re exploring how a great athlete can also turn out to be one amazing entrepreneur, if they wanted too.

As mentioned recently at Forbes, “Athletes don’t become successful through luck alone. They put in countless hours learning their sport and honing their skills. They train to win, and entrepreneurs should too.”

Become Fearless

One thing that successful championship athletes and successful entrepreneurs have in common is that most have learned to manage and rise above their fears or traumas in the present moment. They also somehow found a rare type of courage to press forward towards their vision.

We recently touched on the subject of fear and learned that there are two ways to approach fear in your life. By approaching life in a Newtonian state or a Quantum state. Quantum is the goal. By embracing the quantum model of reality, we being actively creating in the scary or uncomfortable “unknown” instead of remaining shackled in our minds with analysis paralysis. (Reference: Dr. Joe Dispenza). Joe is a next level dude. I highly recommend him for learning how to manage fear.

Get Excited

Fear and limiting beliefs often go hand in hand. Overcoming limiting beliefs is part of overcoming. However, a minor attitude adjustment is required to overcome and it can feel a tad counterintuitive. For example: And in an interview with Entrepreneur, Simon Sinek, author and public speaker, says that when he gets nervous, he tells himself: “You’re not nervous, you’re excited.” He noticed that when Olympic athletes were interviewed after events and asked if they were tense beforehand, they all replied that they were excited, not anxious. He explains how the simple reframe in his brain changes his attitude toward what he’s about to do, which soothes his nerves.

Overcome Fear & Limiting Beliefs

Fear and limiting beliefs have the same root. Fear. Limiting your beliefs comforts fear. Champions do not allow room for that to happen. It’s often best to see real world examples of how people are rising above fear outside of athletics in an exciting way.

To see more in depth presentation on limiting beliefs, please watch the exciting and free 10x presentation below. The topic of limiting beliefs is discussed in detail in the beginning. Great historical examples are provided as well as modern day examples in this presentation. Truly a great presentation to watch about the subject of rising above limiting beliefs. Watch this free 10x presentation below while you still can.


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