How to Quit Smoking By Yourself in About One Week

Why did I decide to quit smoking? Long story short, I had every reason/excuse to continue smoking… ex. PTSD, depression, anxiety, unreal stress, etc… You name it. I had a reason. My intentional choice for quitting smoking has gotten some praise, but also some confusion.

It all started when I visited the Impact Theory YouTube channel and saw a video interview done by Tom Bilyeu with an Indian mystic.

If you don’t know what Impact Theory is or who Tom is, then I suggest you take a look. This show prides itself by sharing the content of some of the highest peak performers in the world. They also shared their secrets on how they became peak performers. It’s totally worth a binge. Thanks to Tom’s show, I got hooked on the idea of peak performance. But could I achieve peak performance while smoking? Well that’s debatable.. and that also depends on the person.

Fast forward: This is what got me… the mystic that Tom interviewed dropped a bomb on me by mentioning this example (and forgive me as I brutally paraphrase this from my memory). The mystic said something along the lines, “Do you trust the airline pilot thats smoked up”


Then suddenly, that very statement clicked, and I got curious. I realized that it may be worth it to stop smoking to see how high of a peak performer I can become. I also interpreted this statement as: When you are in the care of other people can you afford anything less than peak performance? As someone who cares for others (my family and small group community) I deeply absorbed this concept. Then I decided to take extreme action.

My Personal Hacks

It’s all about healthy replacements. I recommend taking 3 showers (or more) per day when the jitters creep in…

I also recommend listening to some type of calming zen-like music (combine this while in the shower for maximum stimulation).

The most important step in my journey that sped up my process: I pushed my pain tolerance above the pain I was currently experiencing. It sounds odd at first, but comfort and convenience were now the clear psychological enemy. Going to the gym DURING my withdrawal period oddly help me accelerate past my pain. I thought of it as 2x’ing my pain.

How is that intelligent? Well it’s counter-intuitive for sure, but it works! Why is more intentional pain good? Well by elevating my pain threshold the withdrawals end up feeling like a joke once I was done intentionally stressing (stretching) my mind, body or soul. Ex. What I did was simple. Whenever I felt some goosebumps or weakness, I would either jump in the shower or do a full body workout. Obviously water intake was a must.

I recommend taking apple cider vinegar every day to help cleanse your system. Also load up on supplements such as the ones found at my homepage by ONNIT.

Top athletes, entertainers & entrepreneurs from Lewis Howes to Joe Rogan are using Alpha BRAIN to get an edge in focus and productivity.

Link to ONNIT

My last tid bit is to embrace a fearless comeback kid mentality to rip this new challenge to shreds. You will have to buckle down and press through the pain and discomfort.

If you are afraid or worried about something when it comes to attempting quitting smoking, I recommend you read more about challenging fear at my other article called Fear is Costing You Time and Money or my other article called How to Turn Your Hobbies into Careers

These articles will make you want to run through walls.


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