We Create

We sit on this spinning rock
In the middle of chaos itself
Perfectly balanced from a flaming ball of fire and a moon

Engulfed in darkness
Amongst endless countless stars
Temperatures are mostly fitting 
Gravity works for us

What a creation
The advanced intelligence required to create what we are currently experiencing

Just imagine

The math, the fine tuning, the genetics, the science, the physics.

How much experience, power and skill one must have to actually pull off a synched creation like this.

Then here we are, also creating
All the way from nuclear weapons to the internet
Vehicles to airplanes
Languages to clothing
Movies to sports

This experience was all created, right in the middle of the endless vaccum of darkness

For us to play in this creation sandbox.

We create relationships, dreams, goals,  visions.

Many of us pulling gold out of the mud and
creating light in the dark

Our purpose becomes clear

We are all here with one undeniable purpose that shares the same purpose as our creator.



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