Summary and Analysis: The Reason Why The Remi Tribe Betrayed Gaul and Allied with Julius Caesar

The Remi (a Belgic tribe) witnessed Rome’s recent conquest of southern Gaul. The attuned tribe created a plan of opportunity for political independence and economic gain from their chaotic and disorganized neighboring tribes. Although of the same race, the Remi distrusted their Gallic neighbors because of their Germanic origins.

According to the Remi, years before the conquest, the Atrebates, Menapii, and other local tribes had crossed the Rhine, displaced the indigenous Belgae, and settled. This centuries-old conquest by the Germani remained a point of dissention within the Remi. The Remi were subsequently opposed to new Gallic-Barbarian alliances.

Sensing discord in the region, Caesar accepted the Remi’s proactive intelligence and logistical support in exchange for protection from the chaos that seemed to be ensuing in the Gallic regions. Because of the Remi, Caesar deftly obtained a political victory that enhanced his military capability.

Source: Caesar, Julius. The Battle for Gaul. Translated by Anne and Peter Wiseman. Boston: David R , Publisher, Inc., 1980.


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