Scapegoats of the Collective

Take a look around and ask yourself

“Who have become the red headed step children in America?”

It’s the truth tellers. The individuals. The creators. The thinkers.

Why is this so?


Control often bows to the whims and morphs of collective thought.

Individual thought serves critical thinking.

Invidiual thought is for those who march to the beat of their own drum.

Individual thought is based on reals not feels.

Rationality not emotional reasoning

The two mindsets are like mixing ice and fire.

Individual reality and collective hive minds can hardly coexist.

Collectivism bows to the demands of collective hive mind hypocritical, sanctimonious sycophant egomaniacs who are obsessed with image and impressions.

Relationships are optional, or in some cases a nuisance, if individualism risks bruising their fragile egos. Collectivism has no true inner validation, so they must feed on image and exploit the identities of others to survive.

They must step on and use the individuals that they have predesignated as scapegoats so that they can merely beat their chests like King Kong to avoid feelings of inferiority or insecurity.

Collectivism values are ripe with domination, deception and dehumanization.

Individualism hardly bows to a collective format. Authenticity is the prize. True individualism does not forfeit their souls to idols, clout or ego. Clout, idols and/or ego are merely optional.

Individualism is rooted in self confidence, authenticity and/or self-validation. External validation and clout are optional, not mandatory. There is no thirst.

Individualism creates its own sense of strength. It does not leech or use others.

Individualism cannot be controlled, and that’s why collective thinkers treat individual thinkers like gum on the bottom of their shoe. Individualism cannot be controlled, and that’s a big no-no.

Individualism is a risk to the collective hive mind because the hive mind must have people to use and step on in order to feel as if they are exercising control.

There cannot be a “rulership” without designated scapegoats to feast upon.

There is always a “rulership”, or a “controllership”…. then a “middle class”… then a much needed base of “losers”

In order for collectivism to play out their sick selfish fantasies, they must have designated losers to prop up their image, ego and grandiosity and to hide their inferiority.

The collective hive mind must exploit someone’s identities in order to feel like “rulers” who appear to be in control.

The problem with this (if not many have already been otherwise obvious) is that identities are exploited and used for this sick collective game.

It’s natural to think independently. We were not placed here to turn into collective chameleons to serve the delusions of the inferior.

Your soul is yours.

We are all unique with our own individual talents and thought processes.

Reject the hive.

Embrace yourself.


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