The Collective Crabs of the Proverbial Bucket

It’s no secret that some people cannot stand other people becoming healthier, stronger, smarter, quit addictions, achieve successes, etc. It unfortunately reminds others that a higher quality of life can be achieved. It can spark feelings of jealousy, envy or shame.

There is a very specific reason why hate or resentment builds within the collective bucket when an independent crab seeks elevation.

It’s because they no longer serve the misery and shame of the collective bucket.

They are trying to break free from the misery and shame that unites the collective bucket.

The collective crabs will do anything and everything to bring the independent crab down so that they themselves can feel better and comfortable within the bucket itself. So they aren’t reminded of their shame or their misery.

It’s not that these independent crabs are trying to be more superior than the collective crabs, they just seek a different life than what’s expected in the collective bucket. They seek independence and elevation.

When these independent crabs attempt the climb out, you will see collective crabs go to great lengths to ensure the independent crabs cannot climb anymore.

Pulling them down becomes a sick priority.

The collective crabs cannot under any circumstances allow any independent crabs to succeed, because the ego injury is just to painful.

How dare a crab think he isn’t one of us?

It’s like a cult. A cult cocktail of shame and misery. All must conform, no elevation can be allowed.

A crabs independent growth hurts the collective so deeply because it reminds them that misery is not the only way to live. One does not have to remain in misery or strive to bring others down as a way of life. Personal growth is an option besides the comfortable bucket slumber that most partake in.

There can be a life outside of collective shame and misery. Also independent crabs remind the collective crabs of what’s possible, which can obviously be dangerous.

Some crabs are not ready to face this truth. They would rather partake in the dogpile and remain comfortably miserable.

Misery becomes the addiction within the bucket and nobody is allowed to break free from this addiction.

When independent crabs break free from the collective bucket, collective crabs will do whatever it takes to bring the self improving/independent crab down.

If they can’t have ascension outside of the confines of shame or misery, than neither can the independent crab.

Sound familiar?

It should.

The mind of modern day collectivism (collective crabs) operate in the same way against individualism (individual crabs).

Smear campaigns, personal digs, twisted personal stories, etc will be mass generated to literally bring down an independent thinker. Truth is not even on the radar.

So the question remains: How do you as an independent thinking “crab” deal with this reality?

Do you dare try to ascend the bucket to be predictably broken down?

Do you dare try to convince the crabs hypnotized in misery and shame to ascend themselves?

Or do we try to reform the bucket itself?

I say we need to address the bucket itself while simultaneously encouraging elevation.

The misery within the collective hive mind that demands misery and shame must no longer be the status quo.

It’s now critical that we encourage others to elevate.

The bucket needs to be addressed. Protecting the misery and shame of the collective crabs can no longer be the go to choice.

We need to unite in individualism to spread self awareness about this problem.

Once we unite we can all rise above the confines of misery and shame and become fully liberated and independent.

We don’t beat or destroy collectivism, we encourage them to elevate. We encourage them that they too can break free from the addiction of misery. We encourage them that they can ascend rather than pull others down.

We begin with the crabs themselves.

We must free the collective crabs from misery and shame if we are to ever find the sense of permanent elevation that we seek.


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