Complex PTSD Resurrection

With approximately 70% of the country having been through some sort of trauma, many of us have probably been totally crushed by the times.

Hard economics, pandemic, masks, job losses, civil issues, financial issues, family deaths, children issues, vehicle issues, health issues, etc.

The list is endless.

It’s no doubt that suffering is doomed for us all, some more than others.

These repetitive and reoccurring stresses have likely left a lot of us in a state of CPTSD.

Most of us have likely already had an out of body experience due to the extreme stress.

Many of us already feel death while still drawing breath.

Which leads me to my next point.

How do we keep going?

How do we recapture our ambition, our killer instincts, our winning attitudes, our perseverance, our certainty or our resilience?

How can we feel secure in establishing a purpose when we’ve been hammered by so much suffering?

Some of us may feel exhausted at the idea of taking another dash in life. I get this. Why keep swinging if our end goal is suffering?

Why sprint again if all there will be at the end is suffering and loss? Since that’s inevitable right?

We have to learn to zoom out.

Look at life on a larger strategic scale.

We have to figure out what sprint would we like to have.

What dent in the universe do we want to leave behind.

For me, I’ve been forced to face many of these questions. It’s so tempting to resign. To check out. To disassociate.

To just say F*** it.

The voice inside spoke to me, and gave me the spark and the insight as to why I should give life another blast.

I started to understand why I should make another dash.

It’s because life is a gift.

We are here to dash.

We enter this world suffering and we leave this world suffering.

Our job is to make life count in the midst of the inevitable suffering, not resign due to the suffering.

Suffering doesn’t have to define you, as I realized it doesn’t have to define me.

I define. Not suffering.

Your life, your dashes, they belong to you.

I decided to resurrect myself out of this black hole.

I’ve already been dead as I stand before you.

Not once, not twice, many times.

At second thought, countless times.

Not deaths, but a soul deaths.

I know what it’s like to want to keep going, but feeling your fuel deplete as you try to continue running at top speed.

It’s like a car running out of fuel. You can’t help but stop.

And stopping is frustrating because you know you feel that you can not afford to do so, but you feel forced to stop. Your tank is on E.

What I learned is this. Your soul is yours.

Our job in life is to fight against suffering by choosing to sprint through it.

But how can we refuel?

The game we choose to play next is this….

Dash vs. Suffering.

Which will you choose?

I’ve spent my time studying the ins and outs of suffering to know one thing.

We are here to dash in the midst of suffering.

You can model what I did.

Begin creating. Money doesn’t matter. Just begin building.

Hobbies, books, projects, businesses, relationships, etc.

Look at this new start as a laboratory experiment

You are the mad scientist.

You get to choose how your life will look.

The perk of being at the bottom is you get to form the foundation.

Suffering is just a warm up.

The true prize is resurrection.

Lets choose to thrive within the suffering.


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