The Most Powerful Weapon Against the Collective: Courage

Our country has been dowsed in fear. It’s everywhere. It stinks.

Fear is a powerful tool to the uninitiated as long as it is used to convince others that their survival is at stake.

The collective hive minds love fear because of the control that can be obtained from such tactics.

Fear can be used to push shame, label others or otherwise exploit identities to influence leadership decisions.

It can be used to paralyze. It can be used to manipulate. It can be used to sway masses.

Many choices are now made out of emotional reactivity of fear.

You know what they are.

However, are we actually surviving by serving fear?

I would contend that we forfeit our survival. There is little safety in remaining captive to fear.

By bowing to fear we allow ourselves to become controllable subjects by the collective.

Of course the fear may be valid.

But at what cost?

We can’t just stop at fear.

Fear has corrupted our confidence and most importantly prevented many from exercising their courage.

The point is not to invalidate fear, but to navigate beyond it. To make powerful decisions.

Courage is a decision, not a reaction. Without courage we have no will to act.

If we are to reduce the fog of fear from out vision, we must counter by choosing to be courageous.

We must be able to feel the fear, but move forward anyways.

It’s possible to remember what it’s like to navigate beyond fear instead of submitting to it.

Courage is uncontrollable.

If we choose courage, we choose power. We choose independence. We choose liberation.

When you reject fear, you reject control.

When you accept courage, you accept power.

In an age of fearmongering, courage is the answer


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