A Nation of Thorns

You are this label, or you are that label…

Label, label, label, label, label, label, etc.

What a headache.

It’s endless.

You can not escape the dehumanizing effects of this.

Something deep inside that is unsettling.

Aren’t we more than this?

Let’s be perfectly clear.

We are saturated in propaganda.

What is propaganda?

In one word: Manipulation.

You see this nation engulfed in shame and hate.

You are branded by this ugly name or that ugly name.

At what cost?

The root intent of these efforts have become all too obvious.

Identity exploitation is the most high prize.

Why put people’s identities in boxes?

To control narratives.

Without this tool, narratives cannot be controlled.

Simultaneously, identity exploitation strips all of us of our uniqueness.

It rips our pedals and leaves off of us.

Which leaves us with nothing left but thorns.

Thorns that induce hate and stoke an all devouring fear.

Far too many of us have become nothing but thorns.

We’re now a nation of thorns.

Our individual uniqueness as human beings is being stripped away while converting identities into artificial boogiemen.

Once we can look beyond the veil.

We can escape this hell.


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