Underneath The Mask

Why wear a mask?

Funny that you ask

So many asleep in their head

Supplying the mask until they are dead

As long as the mask is affixed

The facade cannot be nixed

The payment is admiration and adulation

Or expect a timely extermination

Euphoria over love day in and day out

Make sure you provide or youll be thrown out

You cannot escape the masks disdain

The mask rejoices off of others pain

One minute you are the hero

The next minute you are a zero

Brace yourself for the inevitable smear

All because they can’t look in the mirror

Desperately vying for superiority

While concealing its inferiority

Learn to stand on your head

Or you are as good as dead

Walking on eggshells is a must

Or risk being turned into dust

The mask steals identity

It does not care as there are plenty

The mask uses people as a utility

It does not care about humanity

Truth and people do not matter

Delusion is worshiped at the altar

The narrative is what matters most

All so that the mask can boast

Ego spikes and giggles above all

The mask loves watching you fall

Empathy and love is not on the radar

The masks are the ultimate degrader

Use and abuse is the masks creed

A plan to make the heart bleed

The mask hates self reflection

It prefers projection to protect its deception

Boredom is a deadly sin

Even a clown could not win

To defeat the mask is no easy feat

Reasoning with the mask will only end in defeat

You must remove yourself from its devouring presence

If you wish to save your essence

Once you remove yourself from the masks vampiric extraction

You can ascend to a new elevation

As you are in this duel

Know that it’s a dance strictly for fuel

Once you see what the mask is all about

You will heal without a doubt



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