Clout Chasing Chameleons

Humanity has been in a civil strife for quite sometime

Long before my time

War after war, collapse after collapse, the trend is clear

Clout chasing chameleons sell out for money, power, control or fear

We have individuals who cherish civilization and protect humanity

Then we have clout chasing sellouts that are the enemy

Those who shapeshift and morph for clout

Will exploit your identity without a doubt

These chameleons seek to control any narrative

Because their story matters above any truthful imperative

Truth to them is a joke

Because if they were truthful they would all be broke

In order to protect humanity and civilization as a whole

We must reject clout chasing chameleons to save our soul

All they care about is image above all

So they can obtain selfies for their wall

As we descend into this darkness

Never forget who invited this endless nothingness.

Their wallets thick and their belly’s full

Smirking at those who who don’t believe their bull

Humanity will never be able to survive

As long as these clout chasing chameleons continue to thrive

Humanity is valuable and worth saving

We must reject this insatiable craving


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