Fearmongering Farces

Fearmongering has taken over the minds of the masses

After awhile everyone starts to look like asses

Every event that happens we resort to fear

There is no way we are thinking clear

Fear is being used to paralyze and manipulate

Which makes it that much harder for us to create

Faith in fear is not an honorable virtue

Yet identity exploiters would love you to continue

Fight back these farces with courage

Only then we can become strategically savage

These emotional games have never been ok

The answer is to become brave to end this puppet play

Think for yourselves its the only way

Your mind is yours don’t be led astray

Be confident and use your instincts

Before your uniqueness becomes completely extinct

Rise up against what’s blatantly false

All you have to do is reach down and grab your balls

Then you’ll separate yourself from the lames

And completely liberate yourself from these punk ass jerk around games


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