Likely a False Flag: Russia Accuses Ukraine of Provocation in Separatist-Held Regions

There has been a recent announcement that women, children and the elderly will be evacuated to Russia due to a car explosion in the separatist-held areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. This event has now been skewed to make others believe that Ukraine is planning an attack on the two Russian-backed republics.

The idea that Ukraine would provoke these areas during a time when Russia is positioned around Ukraine’s borders would be insane and mindboggling. Many feel that Moscow wants to curate what may seem to appear a provocative environment that can also create an impression of imminent danger. The Kremlin spoke yesterday and said that the situation around Russia’s borders could ignite at any movement. Putin continues to repeat his allegations that Ukraine was responsible for genocide in eastern Ukraine.

Western leaders have warned of the possibilities of false flag operations once videos had circulated the internet allegedly showing Ukrainian saboteurs at work. The fact that Ukrainian saboteurs would be at work during this dangerous time seems unlikely to be reality. This is becoming even more perplexing as Russia has been deceptive in a sense that they have claimed that they are pulling resources back while simultaneously building them up at the border. The United States has estimated that there are approximately 169,000 to 190,000 Russian personnel staged in or near Ukraine which is far more than the 100,000 personnel that were at the border at the end of January.



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