Summary and Analysis: Joe Biden’s Economy vs. Donald Trump’s Economy

Many are beginning to wonder about the current state of the economy during these times of record high inflation. Below is a quick compare and contrast of currently available statistics for Biden and Trump for the stock market, jobs and GDP.

Stock Market Statistics:

How does Biden compare to Trump in the stock market? We share the facts on cumulative and annualized performance between Biden and Trump in the stock market. Cumulatively across the S&P 500, Biden is at 15.09% compared to Trump at 20.70% a difference of -5.61%. On the NASDAQ, Biden is at 3.38% compared to Trump at 30.67%  a difference of -27.30%. Finally, on the DOW Jones, Biden is at 10.73% compared to Trump at 27.81% a difference of -17.08%.

Cumulative Performance
Joe BidenDonald TrumpDifference
NASDAQ3.38%30.67%Biden -27.30%
DOW10.73%27.81%Biden -17.08%
S&P15.09%20.70%Biden -5.61%
Annualized Performance
Joe BidenDonald TrumpDifference
NASDAQ3.12%28.21%Biden -25.09%
DOW9.87%25.59%Biden -15.72%
S&P13.87%19.09%Biden -5.23%

GDP Performance:

How does Biden compare to Trump with respect to GDP Growth? We share the facts on cumulative and annualized GDP growth. Cumulatively Biden is at 3.77% compared to Trump at 2.13% a difference of 1.64%

GDPJoe BidenDonald TrumpDifference
Cumulative3.77%2.13%Biden +1.64%
Annualized5.44%3.06%Biden +2.38%

Job Growth Performance:

How does Biden compare to Trump in non-farm payroll? We share the facts on cumulative and annualized jobs created. Cumulatively Biden is at 4.88% compared to Trump at 1.40% a difference of 3.47%

Cumulative Gain/Loss
Joe BidenDonald TrumpDifference
Cumulative4.88%1.40%Biden +3.47%
Annualized5.14%1.48%Biden +3.66%

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