Book Review: The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday, by the Remi Tribe

Sometimes people can mistake stoicism to mean that one is supposed walk through life to be like an emotionless terminator that doesn’t feel anything and doesn’t give any shits about fuck. That is not true. Stoicism is about protecting and empowering yourself to persevere through some of life’s most difficult twists and turns.

Stoicism doesn’t suggest that you turn yourself into some cold emotionless robot. In fact, stoicism is all about controlling your own perceptions, mindsets, emotions, attitudes and reactions so that life doesn’t get you down when fate inevitably tries to knock you down.

Stoicism is an ancient art that helps you grapple with the inevitable ups and downs of life. As you can see from cover of the book stoicism is all about learning how to transmute obstacles into opportunities. The book has over 30 exercises that you can put yourself through that touches on the following subjects:

  • Controlling your responses to external stimuli
  • Reframing setbacks
  • How to choose what you feel
  • Bringing thinking into action
  • Embracing failure
  • Adapting and resiliency
  • Embracing fate
  • Remaining calm in the chaos
  • Disciplining your perspectives
  • How to keep your nerve
  • Pre-meditating your reactions to future scenarios
  • How to view healthy fear vs. unhealthy fear
  • Reframing problems

The book is mostly centered around the meditations of Marcus Aurelius because nearly 2000 years ago he wrote “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” One of the neat things to know about Marcus Aurelius is that he was once a Roman Emperor that lived through some very challenging times in Rome. He managed to journal his thoughts during his trying times and his meditations are still used by many today to navigate the storms of life.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to read the actual book itself, you can adapt around that obstacle by “watching the book” in under an hour through Mentorbox at a cost that is literally cheaper than buying the actual book.

The concepts of Marcus Aurelius are surely helpful to protect yourself against the obstacles of today’s chaotic world.

Dont’ hesitate on this book. Go level up.


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