How to Become an Entrepreneur – Not a Wantrepreneur

Most legitimate and successful entrepreneurs are into personal development, skill development and self-awareness. Why is this? It’s because true entrepreneurs know that there business world operates around the concept of extreme ownership.

Whatever happens, good or bad, it’s on them.

Here is a brief checklist of what legitimate entrepreneurs are embracing:

  1. Personal development
  2. Self-Awareness
  3. Work on “inner-game”
  4. Expand vision beyond limiting beliefs
  5. Money does not always equal freedom

Freedom is in the actual enjoyment of the process of whatever it is that the entrepreneur decides to do. The love of the process has to be genuine. (Source: Entrepreneur).

How to grow as an entrepreneur?

To become a master of mind, body and soul development is critical to developing the strength that it takes to plow through the often unsuccessful journey of a small business owner. Look at mind, body and soul development as mere practice, there is no finish line. Daily development in these 3 categories is critical to any kind of prolonged entrepreneurial success.

Set goals. Crush them.

Approximately 90% of small businesses fail within their first year. (Forbes, 2019).

Once finished attacking mind, body and soul development, then it’s time to consider when or if it’s time to run the race of entrepreneurship.

A race that can feel like a blindfolded sprint through a minefield while getting shot at.

Where is the best place to land to take another approach at entrepreneurship? How to navigate this risk?

Easy. Go to ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is a SaaS company, but they are not as boring as they may sound. In fact, they were just nominated as the #1 Company in the nation by Entrepreneur. If there are any wantrepreneurs at ClickFunnels, consider them to be in the minority.

There is a very specific reason entrepreneurs should visit ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels not only provides a software that can upgrade almost every part of your business, they provide training on how to use ClickFunnels (key skill training) called the One Funnel Away Challenge

Even more, to help eliminate any limiting beliefs an entrepreneur may have, it’s paramount to watch Russell Brunson (owner of ClickFunnels – definitely NOT a wantreprenur) give his 10x your business presentation.

Russells 10x presentation will give a glimpse into what can become real in the world of entrepreneurship. The One Funnel Away Challenge will provide an opportunity to learn to use the ridiculously amazing ClickFunnels platform. Take the quiz below to learn more about how to equip your company with superior technologies and processes.


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